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Winning with Kindness

In a world of virtual contact, communication and anonymous cities and neighborhoods, it’s easy to lose touch with what’s really important. It’s easy to lose touch with others, and when they (or we) go through difficulties, the distance can seem insurmountable.  We may live in a global village, but at the heart of all of us is a longing for relationships, for friendships, for connecting with other humans on a deeper level than superficial social politeness.  Here’s a woman who overcame her own depression by focusing on others, and it’s amazing to see how much it has snowballed since that one act of kindness to a stranger.  Click on the photo below to watch the story unfold.

Simple Kindness



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Of Books & Diamonds

The old adage, “Don’t judge a book by its cover” may seem dated in this computer age, and it’s certainly not what marketing gurus who earn bucks on book cover layout and sales want you to believe; but here’s a story that proves that adage in spades!  Just remember, diamonds start off as coal under a lot of pressure.  Click on the image below for the story:

homeless man with a computer

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New Book Release: Redemption, the Northing Trilogy, Book 2

Redemption CoverAnnouncing the release of my second book, Redemption!  At the moment both books are available on Kindle, and coming soon in paperback.  If you enjoy 18th century fiction a la Jane Austen or Georgette Heyer, I think you’ll love these two books!  I’ve thoroughly enjoyed writing them; before writing the third book in this series, however, I’ll be finishing two other manuscripts, in vastly different genres.  So keep your eye out for more news!

The reason for the brief interlude between the releases of The Price of Freedom and Redemption is that the second was nearly complete when I released the first one; POF had been done for a few months by the time I actually had time to sit down and go through the publication process for the first time properly; don’t think either book was rushed, as I’m meticulous with the nuts and bolts, and I would like to think quality, though that is up to the reader to assess, not me!

To read a snippet of the book and find out more, please check out my “Publications” page, and let me know what you think – I’d love to hear from you!


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What a Pink Tutu Can Do

What on the surface just looks like a man going through mid-life crisis in a pink tutu turns out to be a heart-warming and inspirational story that will make you smile every time you see a pink tutu from now on.  Just click on the photo below to hear the story of a man’s love for his wife and the lengths he’s gone to, to bring a smile to her face in the midst of the trials of cancer, and where it’s gone from that simple desire.



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What We Eat

Photographer Peter Menzel has gathered an amazing visual documentation on eating habits around the world; each photo represents the food eaten in a week by the people in the photo (which implies that it is the number of people who live in the same household, even it that “house” is a cardboard box or a tin shack…).  It’s eye-opening in many ways:  The amount of junk food in any one of the American households outweighs nearly the entire weekly diet of a family in Chad; some cultures are starch-oriented (pastas, breads, potatoes), and others are meat-oriented.  Click on the photo below to see a video compilation, with the countries labeled, of who eats what.

What do you eat in a week?  How much is natural, how much is man-made?  How much water and natural drinks (teas, fruit juices) vs. artificial drinks (sodas, syrups) do you drink in a week?  Just curious…!

A Week of Food - Ecuador


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