A Grand Life

Many of my followers have joined me here in the past several months; I know that time limits prevent people from delving too far into the past archives, and so I’ve taken the liberty of re-posting an article well worth a read: It’s a memory of childhood, and one that makes me realize afresh to value the people around me – you never know when a gem of a story will come into your life.

Stephanie Huesler

B&B Circus 2What do an old man, a garage, glass picture frames, a basement, clowns, dogs & Dr. Pepper have to do with each other?  Quite a lot, if you happened to be me at the age of 10.

Our dog Muppet had gotten out of the yard.  Again.  How she could squeeze through that narrow crack between two boards in our back yard fence I’ll never know, but she always found a way.  Who knew that one day in the summer of 1978 it would shape my life and my perceptions of people around me for the rest of my life?

Summer holiday found me on my bike most days, cruising through the Riverside area of the town I grew up in, Wichita, Kansas.  I’d hang out at the local golf club selling balls I’d retrieved from the rough for a cold Dr. Pepper, or at Cowtown, the living museum…

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4 responses to “A Grand Life

  1. What a beautiful post… :-).

  2. Wonderful story, well written!

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