Who I Am

Where I'm usually found writing, in our library

Where I’m usually found writing, in our library

In many ways I’m a typical writer:  The melancholic who loves to be alone, shut up with my own imagination, paper and pens.  Until 2005 I never even thought about writing seriously; but once I got into it, I’ve never looked back!

The writing process led me to take a course through the London School of Journalism.  I am a diligent researcher and life-student of history, science, technology, linguistics, and any dozen other subjects of interest, and had learned a lot on my own about the process of writing, editing, etc. (and I am an English teacher for adults, so the grammar and syntax were no-brainers); but I took the course mainly to get feedback on my writing, and it was a valuable experience.

I joined a writer’s association in England and at attending my first conference, I was surprised to learn that I could write a short story within a few minutes; we were given the subject and the time-limit of 10 minutes, then from each small group one story was chosen to be read from the front; mine was chosen and through that I was asked for permission to use the story in a book by the main speaker!  I realized at that moment that I had something to say… to share with others.  Shortly thereafter another article was requested by an author in the States and published in his book the following year.  I submitted eight articles in all, and each were published off the bat.  Perversely, that was a bit frustrating as I was submitting to get feedback, to improve – and no feedback came except requests to publish!

One of my feline writing companions, Allegra - and the top of my library "stage" stairs

One of my feline writing companions, Allegra, at the top of my library “stage” stairs

I stopped submitting and got down to the business of writing my first novel, The Price of Freedom (followed by the second, Redemption).  With a wide range of interests, I enjoy an eclectic range of genres:  At the moment I’ve published all three books in the historical fiction genre (see the Northing Trilogy page), and a fantasy epic in two parts called The Cardinal.  Also in the works are manuscripts at various draft phases for science fiction and contemporary fiction.

My first book went onto the back burner for a year as my husband and I rehearsed and recorded his second album; before I became an English teacher here in Switzerland I was (and remain) a vocal coach.  I’ve been singing on stage since I was four, and have sung with four albums to date.  Since I began writing, singing has had to take back seat, though I still give vocal lessons, band consultations and the occasional seminar or weekend workshop.  In some ways I miss it and would love to get back into a band, but I don’t miss the road, and I know that aspect would take too much time away from writing, which has become an addiction in its own right.

What more can I say?  I love writing, developing “organic” characters, the stories and their worlds, painting the canvas with authenticity, wit, depth and colour.  I love sharing those worlds with others who have a rich imagination. Have I mentioned that I love writing?

On a personal note:  I was born and raised in Wichita, Kansas; emigrated to Scotland when I was 20; met my Swiss husband there, and have lived in Switzerland since 1992, happily married since April 1993.

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  1. So enjoyed Jarvis unboxing of your gifts, especially those gorgeous scarves. Everything is lovely.

  2. Hi Judy! Welcome! Mine was the box of laces – but you’re right, the scarves were lovely!

  3. I meant doilies. I could see them connected together as a table runner!

  4. David A Hall

    I would like permission to use the images of the four banners in a book I have written on the second chapter of Numbers.
    Thank you for your consideration


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