The History of Wedding Rings

Have you ever wondered when the tradition of wedding rings began?  How they developed in various cultures around the world?  To read a fascinating article on the topic, just click on the image below; the article includes images of amazing works of art worn on fingers centuries ago.  The image below, by the way, is of my own wedding ring; it’s a runic ring designed by Sheila Fleet in Orkney, Scotland, and it says, “dreams of everlasting love”.

Runic Wedding Ring




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5 responses to “The History of Wedding Rings

  1. Stephanie, I’m totally amazed. Our text is in English, but the wedding bands are almost identical. (I designed ours, and they were then made by a cousin of my husband who is a goldsmith. I had no idea they were Irish until I found a similar picture years later, and now yours are from Orkney.)

  2. I too have a similar runic wedding ring I designed a few decades back. I had a local goldsmith turn my design into reality. 😀

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