Musings A to Z Challenge: N

Challenge:  Write a short paragraph (100 words or less) daily on a topic beginning with the sequential letter of the alphabet.


Don Quixote, first published in 1605, is widely considered the first novel; but the novel as a genre seems to have risen to popular culture in the 18th century.  Since then, millions of novels have been written because, through the perspectives, lives and times of characters, readers can escape their own realities for a short time, can learn something about themselves, and can perhaps even learn how to deal with their own challenges or difficulties in new ways.  We love to identify with stories, root for good to triumph over evil, and see the hero or heroine fall in love.



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4 responses to “Musings A to Z Challenge: N

  1. Great quote here and I must say this is how I felt when writing my first draft – I couldn’t wait to see what would happen, how, why…

  2. Thank you! And that feeling happens every time I begin a new manuscript… I like to see how it will unfold before I begin outlining and getting down to plot, etc. It often happens even after that phase, when I toss two characters into a room to talk!

  3. This brought to mind a quote by Mason Cooley–“Reading gives us some place to go when we have to stay where we are.”

  4. That’s a great quote! 🙂

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