History Undusted / Flashback: The Rack

The rack has been used as a torture device since at least AD 65; it is still in use today, except that now it’s a piece of equipment found in a chiropractor’s office, with padded joints and supposedly-comfortable straps…  I called this a flashback as I personally experienced the rack for six years, three times a week, twenty minutes at a time, as a child (followed by electric shock, all in the name of medicine).  Just looking at this image makes my back hurt!  To read more about the history, just click on the image.

Torture - Middle Ages, the Rack


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11 responses to “History Undusted / Flashback: The Rack

  1. This was a very interesting piece of history.
    It gave me an idea to write it now on the post. Thanks for the piece of history and the inspiration.

  2. It’s hard to indicate “like” when the experience cited is excruciating. But this is information and narrative most of us would not get in any other way. Thank you for that, for these. And I’m relieved you’re on the other side of everything.

  3. Thanks! Please let me know when you’ve posted your article! 🙂

  4. Not to fifty! (Princess Bride…) 😉

  5. Me, too!! It still hurts to see this picture, though. I can empathize with the poor lot!

  6. I wouldn’t advocate bringing back torture – that still happens, particularly in Islamic regions. But a little hardship in life defintiely builds character!

  7. If you read my about page I do say I have a dark-ironic-sarcastic sense of humor, I do know a bit a bout Islamic countries since having been in the army in my past life I spent 2 very cool vacations in two of them. I wouldn’t have mind using torture for a lot of those crazies that would shoot at us putting the women and children in front of them knowing full well that we wouldn’t shoot back or the farmer who we gave 10 kilos of rice he went to the mountain, shot at us and the next day walked passed us smiling. I could have easily have tortured those crazy nuthemads, yet we are civilized most of the times as “professional” soldiers. Hearts and minds? What is that for us guys that where on the ground day in day out with all that heat, equipment on, and getting shot at, what is hearts and minds to us? Nothing, it goes out the window seeing one of yours dead or get hurt badly and you can´t do nothing and you know who it is. That builds anger, and it tested our character in the sense it made us more human, we didn’t do what they did, or the school we helped build for women… we where the ones providing security for the NGO´s, and then get attacked and good because all we wanted at a certain point is to get shot at and see only from which general direction to unload on those idiots. I have no mercy for them now nor then. It build character not only showing our restrain, but character showing our love for our fellow soldiers(most of them).

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