2o Things Creative People Understand

Chances are, if you’re following along with my musings, you’re like me – a creative type.  We’re an eccentric bunch, some more than others.  Personally, I’m also a pragmatist; the motto of my current book, and one that makes a lot of sense, is “it is what it is” – it’s what we make out of our circumstances that sets us apart or makes us a success or a failure.

But the creative side of me doesn’t know how to slow down; I’ve constantly got a dozen projects on the go, whether a book manuscript, a craft project, or a to-do list a mile long.  I’m constantly asking “why” (which used to drive my mother up the wall, I’m sure), and, like the Bereans (Acts 17:11), I don’t take things at face-value, but want to know for myself if it’s true or not – an invaluable trait, as far as I’m concerned, with so much crap and pseudo-news floating around cyberspace.  I create in bursts, with times of “percolation” in between – shifting gears to another creative outlet.  I need a place I feel comfortable in, to create; when I’m focused on a task, I can ignore the door, the phone, and any other interruption for hours on end.  The downside of that is that I need to force myself to get up, move around, and get some exercise occasionally!  That’s where my time management apps come in.

I came across an article recently about the things creative people do; I could relate to many of the points, but not all of them; after all, there’s no box that can contain everyone from any particular group; one introvert is not like another, and all that.  I’d like to invite you to click on the image below, and take a look at the article – see if you can recognize yourself in some of the points!  I’d love to hear what you think in the comments below.



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19 responses to “2o Things Creative People Understand

  1. wezlo

    I have to golf-clap the “Bereans” reference. Obscure NT references for the win.

  2. O.M.G. – that article described me to a Tee!! WOW. :-). Glad you shared it.

  3. I’ve constantly got a dozen projects on the go, whether a book manuscript, a craft project, or a to-do list a mile long.
    Now that’s me. I have one painting to do in the pipeline, a crochet project half done WIP, two books half read simultaneously and another craft project waiting for finishing work. And yes, a website as well… Again WIP. i switch tasks faster than a teenager switching TV channels.

  4. Pia

    Well, your blog post was a very handy description of me exactly, except for Bible references which I don’t get at all, but that’s just a personal preference. 😉

    #3 – me in Kindergarten. I never did manage to get into social circles after that, and then it became a habit. #8 – oh God yes. In fact all of them yes except perhaps 9, feeling deeply. I blocked that ability for so many years and as a result am a struggling creative. I lived in my head exclusively until a nervous breakdown/burnout opened the floodgates. I’m still getting used to having a body that speaks and understanding what the hey it’s trying to tell me!

  5. Pia

    …and of course I was the disobedient patient refusing all the drugs available for numbing the senses…

  6. It’s not obscure to me. 😉

  7. Glad you liked it! Welcome to the club. 😉

  8. Instead of calling them WIPs, I call them PHDs… “Projects Half Done”. It sounds so much more intimidating in a conversation… “I have three PHDs…” 😉 LOL!

  9. Ha haaaa lovvve that… Adopted it.. Right away. Thank you… Finally there’s someone who understands why i leave a project and start another and so on. Phew.

  10. I can related to your #9 experience; I’m pretty level-headed, and not too emotional. Having said that, at the moment I can’t afford to get emotional: The doctors recently discovered a few lumps in my thyroid; one is so large it’s already pressing on my windpipes – and when I get emotional (which the diagnosis tended to make me!), my throat tightens… so I’m holding steady until they figure out what to do… perhaps TMI, but an example of when emotions can be detrimental!

  11. Perhaps numbing the senses isn’t the right approach, anyway, but learning how to deal with them is a much longer-term solution…

  12. 🙂 Welcome to the PHD club!

  13. Pia

    Yes. I want to be able to tolerate them, live with them AND, when they are just irrational and useless instincts, control them just a little bit again. Not become unaware again, just not have THEM control me. Becoming aware of how I myself may create anxiety by too much rumination.

    I wish you good health and recovery! When life throws us that kind of stumbling blocks I think it’s very reasonable and natural to feel upset, pamper yourself silly, you deserve it!

  14. I’m taking care of myself, and letting my husband pamper me. 😉 I allow myself to feel the emotions, just not dwell on them until they bring tears – that’s what tightens the throat…

  15. Pia

    And of course, being creative people, our fantasies about any disaster are very vivid and persisting! Much worse than the actual situation. But it’s hard work convincing yourself to ignore your thoughts.

  16. That’s where the power of prayer and the truth of the Bible come to my rescue. 😉 Whether or not you can relate or believe, it works! 🙂

  17. I really enjoyed reading about creative people. I know several, and this helps me understand them a bit better. Evidently, I’m just a run-of-the-mill creator, but I’m comfortable with that.

  18. No two people are alike, whether or not they’re the same “type” or not. The most important thing is that we’re comfortable in our own skin, and you’ve got that. 😉

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