Changing the world into words

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June 13, 2013 · 4:47 PM

13 responses to “Changing the world into words

  1. i’m a writer too, and i love your encouragement. imagine the year 1908, and you are trying to get you black daughter to a doctor, and the white apartheid movement that tried to stop you. it’s the same for the truth today. perhaps we writers need to work together, might make us stronger.

  2. Injustice is a human trait, it would seem; down through history it’s always been an issue. Fortunately we live in a time and age that allows each of us to have a voice that echoes throughout cyberspace.

  3. BW, I’ve been trying to reply to your own blog, but it doesn’t seem to want to post anything, so I’ll reach you here: You might also be interested in another blog I write,

  4. thanks for the reply trinity, i’m new to all this, perhaps you might be able to advise me on how to promote my blog, or better still, why not get a bunch of writers and do it together now. if we channel our marketing energy into one good source, we’ll thrash then easily, happy days

  5. One way to promote your blog is to make sure people can contact you by leaving comments! I think it’s the personal touch that’s more important to me than marketing, and being able to comment and reply goes a long way toward building friends.

  6. i’m still trying to get used to the screen, there is so much to do these days, and i only get so much time to do it. i dont know enough about the program, i’m writer and i just prefer writing

  7. can i ask you a silly question, i have a short story, well it’s purely a poetic thought with lots of reality, what do i do when i need to promote it, i have loads of unseen stuff that have never been promoted, reads like the story of the world to date, wonder what advice you’d give a smuck

  8. i’m sorry for asking, i’m like the new neighbour who forgets to buy milk, soon you begin to worry..
    this is my latest bit of writing, i’ll paste the link, can you tell me how to promote it, what are the tricks as they say

    by the way, if you want me to critique your work, i’ll be glad to give you feedback

  9. BW, the best advice I can give you is as follows: 1) Respect yourself enough to write it right; in other words, don’t settle for half-done. 2) Do your homework. There’s no easy way around that. Speaking from not only a writer’s perspective, but an EFLA teacher’s experience, I will say that no one else can do your homework for you, as there’s no way of cheating in this kind of creative work – you’ve either got it, get it, or choose another path of expression! 😉
    Learn your grammar, spelling (including capitalisation rules), syntax (sentence structure), tenses, vocabulary expansion, and all the nitty gritty bits and bobs it takes to get it right, including promotion, marketing, technical requirements for the layouts, etc. Find a local writer’s group if you have one, and commit yourself to it. If you don’t have one, invest in finding one you can meet people face to face. I’ve flown to London for writers’ conferences just to meet people and network.
    Find yourself a Beta reader or two – people who will give you honest feedback (not relatives or friends who are afraid of hurting your feelings); the best kinds are people you can sit down with and discuss your manuscript.
    If you’ll apply all of this, you’re a good deal closer to being a successful writer; without it, not even self-publication will bring success.
    Good luck, and perservere! Follow your dreams, and roll up your sleeves to catch them!

  10. how do i reach the comment page on my blog, i’m new to this, thanks, i’ll check out candlequill


  11. I think it depends on the blog theme that you’ve chosen (the overall visual template). You’ll have to learn your way around the settings, and find out if you can add an “about” page – perhaps under your widgets; that should have a comment capability.

  12. thanks for the help

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