Odd Jobs #5:Deer Urine Farmers to Embalmers

I thought I’d switch gears for the weekend from my daily post challenge, to continue with an odd topic:  Odd jobs.  This batch has some doozies; people actually get paid to eat dog food, or smell a dog’s breath!  And while the deer urine farming sounds intrinsically disgusting, the purpose is even more dubious in my opinion:  To lure bucks to their deaths through hunting with the urine as bait.  Whatever happened to fair play… giving the buck a fighting chance?  I think I’d much rather prefer training dogs to surf, or wrangling ducks or training elephants; or maybe we could even come up with a job that combines all three!  Enjoy perusing the jobs below – just click on the links to learn more about each.

Odd Job - Dog Food Tester, Nancy Rica Schiff

Dog Food Taster – Photo Credit: Nancy Rica Schiff


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3 responses to “Odd Jobs #5:Deer Urine Farmers to Embalmers

  1. One of my uncles actually was an elevator inspector. He could fix anything. He was my go-to guy for any car trouble I had as a struggling young adult.

  2. It’s always helpful to have such a person, isn’t it?
    Before my husband’s current job, he was an elevator mechanics salesman (I don’t know what the English term actually is, but he sold the “brains” of the elevator to lift manufacturing companies); that could almost be included in “odd jobs” lists…

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