Wordless Wednesday no.2






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8 responses to “Wordless Wednesday no.2

  1. Because bat shit likes to collect together in caves where the fumes induce mental difficulties in visiting mammals. Think: Fox newsroom.

  2. The secret nuances of bat poop. Who would have known. 🙂

  3. Puzzles me also. I have had bats roosting in odd places and noticed nothing remarkable about their droppings. American progressives often refer to the pseudoconservatives on the far far right as “bat shit crazy” w/o noticing how badly they are insulting bats by likening them to pseudoconservatives.

  4. I guess that one man’s poop is another man’s guano…

  5. I once discovered a bat on Uranus (the planet)! We were at the Blue Mountains observatory outside of Sydney, Australia; in their events hall they had a series of photographs of the planets, and hanging from the picture frame of Uranus was a tiny bat. We were really tempted to call it in to the local paper, just to see the headlines, “Bats Discovered on Uranus!”

  6. LOL – when it comes to crazy, I tend to say: “That person is nuttier than squirrel shit!”

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