Wordless Wednesday no.3



September 21, 2016 · 12:14 AM

17 responses to “Wordless Wednesday no.3

  1. That’s a gouda one. I couldn’t have said it cheddar.

  2. That’s a sharp remark.

  3. Portland loves its cheese. Swiss you were here.

  4. Swiss, I AM where the cheese pleases, in over 450 ways!

  5. Ha! Great stuff. I’m sure Parmesannie Lennox would approve.

  6. Thanks! Cheese grate, isn’t chee?

  7. Charles strohmer

    Turns of phrase can indeed by very clever. Love that one, Stephanie.

  8. Charles strohmer

    Ah, Persia, you remember me. : )

  9. Of course! We should skype sometime, and catch up once again!

  10. These have to be the most cheesy comments I’ve ever read lol Love it!

  11. We cheese to please…

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