Wordless Wednesday no. 12




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6 responses to “Wordless Wednesday no. 12

  1. Now that one was spot on. And it doesn’t even help to carry nuts in your pockets to bribe the chipmunks. Although they do sing nicely. And sometimes you can use the nuts to bribe men.

  2. 😉 To bribe my Swiss husband, I’d need chocolate-covered nuts, at the very least.

  3. connie r white

    So now she has unrealistic expectations about both men and animals, and probably herself as well. That poor girl should quit living in a dreamworld and get a life! LOL

  4. Standing outside on a clear winter night, Pinocchio yearns (for reasons unknown) to become a real boy. Once again, Disney fails to deliver.
            When U wish upon a star,
            makes no difference who U are.
            Your nose turns blue.

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