Funny Friday no. 1

I’m still laughing!  Have a great weekend!



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14 responses to “Funny Friday no. 1

  1. Next time, bring a container of kimchi and pretend to …

  2. I’m glad I hadn’t taken a drink when I read this just now… 😀

  3. Pia

    Are you familiar with clicker training? First used on dolphins it’s become popular with dogs and horses and I bet it works on people. So every time somebody talks, crackle your candy bag, stop when they do. Repeat. Should condition them to realize that silence = silence. Would be a fun experiment but torture for the ones that behave.

  4. Haha! In this scenario it would assume that the people talking belong to you, as I think it would take longer than a movie to condition someone. 😉

  5. Pia

    Not necessarily – animals catch on pretty quick – but of course in a theater you’d have to deal with the ones getting annoyed by your crackling.

  6. 😉 Sometimes animals are a lot smarter than humans, too…

  7. wezlo


  8. Pia

    Easier to get along with for sure.

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