Quintus Quotes: Witty Comebacks

Back when insults had class, words could be sharper than a two-edged sword; in fact, idioms that use the imagery of swords vs. words have been around for thousands of years.  I wonder if our modern society, with its political correctness and instant comments, has somewhat lost the art of refined speech and reflective commentary; perhaps we can rescue witty repartee from extinction by writing, thinking, and speaking with more thought and thoughtfulness.  In the meantime, for all you logophiles out there, here are a few witty comebacks from days gone by:




Abraham Lincoln vs. Stephan Douglas, after Douglas called Lincoln “two-faced” during a debate



Author Ilke Chase vs. unknown actress




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11 responses to “Quintus Quotes: Witty Comebacks

  1. right on. Sorry, I need more time to come up with something intelligent.

  2. That’s at least better than coming down with something ignorant. 😉

  3. What a way to start my day – and my birthday to boot! I loved reading about you and these witty comebacks are priceless. If only I could remember to say something like that at the precise moment I need it. My comebacks come privately to me much later which also has value, I believe. As a retired German teacher, I find recalling some of the sayings I gave students over the years are a great help. These endless being on hold until you get a live voice at the other end of the phone are frustrating. I thought quickly in one instance and rattled on in German about not knowing the precise issue with my iPad, and if I knew the issue, I would certainly state it. Immediately I had a live voice on the other end! Happy writing. Thanks for a lovely visit.

  4. Happy Birthday! Yes, sometimes comebacks come too delayed to do any good in the passing moment, but that’s the beauty of being a writer – I can go back and put them in my character’s mouths! 😉

  5. Thank you for the birthday wishes. I love your insightful comment. Happy writing. ^__^

  6. Brava! You made my day brighter.

  7. Glad to do so! 😉

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