Quintus Quotes: Alice Waters

Alice Waters 3Alice Waters 4Alice Waters 6Alice Waters 7Alice Waters 5


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6 responses to “Quintus Quotes: Alice Waters

  1. I never read a quote of Alice Waters before. Amazing!

  2. I’d never even heard of her before, until I came across the “What do you think?” quote as a writing prompt yesterday. She’s got some great quotes out there, but I had to choose five.

  3. She was constantly in the news, one of very few women to be prominent in the cooking world. I hadn’t thought of her in a long time.

  4. I guess that was American news. Over here, it’s Betti Bossi, and Jamie Oliver. 🙂

  5. Great, especially 2nd and last. ❤

  6. When we lived on Long Island, I read the NY Times, and she was often in the weekly food section. I’m losing touch now, because our provincial paper tends to feature foodies from the Asheville area.

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