Wordless Wednesday #67: Not a Word



December 11, 2019 · 12:16 PM

11 responses to “Wordless Wednesday #67: Not a Word

  1. Aporkchop made me laugh. I’ll bet we’d learn grammar and spelling if all the rules were presented with humor.

  2. I used to write the word “alot”. It took me along time to figure out that it was incorrect.

  3. I am sometimes guilty of this. To atone, I deny myself acheesecake.

  4. Poking a little fun is always memorable. 😉

  5. To atone or not to atone, that is the question. Or it that a tone? 😉

  6. There are several words that are commonly misspelled; the classic example is its vs. it’s, but I’d say that “a lot” is in the top ten…

  7. Hmm…it don’t think it’s an tone.

  8. The English teacher in me thanks you, though the point is that everyone should get it. It is a weird language, admittedly. Someday usage might make alot into some kind of adverb. But we’re not there yet. Thank you for watchwording (which is probably not a gerund).

  9. It was for me, and relatively recently.

  10. Language is constantly evolving; a generation ago would have had no idea what we’re talking about when we say we’ll google something, or that we need more giga on our hard drive or a larger RAM, or that a chip the size of a fingernail has infinitely more capacity than our first home computers… And as Calvin and Hobbes put it, “Verbing weirds language” ! 😉

  11. You and they are right.

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