Nature Undusted: Magnetic (Gravity) Hills

When I was growing up, I went to a place called Silver Dollar City (in Branson, Missouri) several times; it is a family amusement park with rides and various attractions. One of my favourite attractions was a house that played with your mind: It had water running up a drain, floors that tilted at different angles from room to room, and optical illusions that played with proportions and directions in your perceptions. You simply couldn’t trust what you felt or saw while in that house, and when you came out, it took a minute or two to right your bearings again.

But did you know that there are natural anomalies? Throughout the world, there are areas known as magnetic hills, magic roads or gravity hills. Due to the surrounding geography, the road or stream may appear to be going uphill, when in fact it’s going downhill; this makes water look like it’s flowing upward, or cars in neutral appear to be defying gravity by rolling uphill. It’s nothing more than an optical illusion, but such places attract visitors, the curious and the thrill-seekers.

Wikipedia has a list of over a hundred recognized places; chances are, there might be one near you.

To see the phenomena, click on this link to a short YouTube video about New Brunswick, Canada and the history of what was first known as “Fool’s Hill”.

Magnetic Hill


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4 responses to “Nature Undusted: Magnetic (Gravity) Hills

  1. Kind of like M.C. Escher, but in the “real” world.

  2. Your trip through the house of chaos is described in such a detailed and engaging way that I can imagine how it must have felt. (I’m channeling my own experiences probably as well, though I never went through anything as well-developed as your place was to go through.)

    In North Carolina, where I have family, there is a place where mystery lights are seen with no clear source anywhere around. I think the lights were explained scientifically, but that hasn’t stopped crowds of people making the trip to see them.

  3. Without the stairs. 😉

  4. It would be interesting to see an article about those lights; do you know if it has a name, like magnetic hills do?

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