New Book Release: Redemption, the Northing Trilogy, Book 2

Redemption CoverAnnouncing the release of my second book, Redemption!  At the moment both books are available on Kindle, and coming soon in paperback.  If you enjoy 18th century fiction a la Jane Austen or Georgette Heyer, I think you’ll love these two books!  I’ve thoroughly enjoyed writing them; before writing the third book in this series, however, I’ll be finishing two other manuscripts, in vastly different genres.  So keep your eye out for more news!

The reason for the brief interlude between the releases of The Price of Freedom and Redemption is that the second was nearly complete when I released the first one; POF had been done for a few months by the time I actually had time to sit down and go through the publication process for the first time properly; don’t think either book was rushed, as I’m meticulous with the nuts and bolts, and I would like to think quality, though that is up to the reader to assess, not me!

To read a snippet of the book and find out more, please check out my “Publications” page, and let me know what you think – I’d love to hear from you!


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4 responses to “New Book Release: Redemption, the Northing Trilogy, Book 2

  1. Janella

    I am glad to know this book set in the Regency period. I will soon buy myself a copy.

  2. Wonderful! Let me know what you think! The book is set at the cusp of the French Revolution, which is actually prior to the Regency period; it’s therefore rather Georgian, but the two eras overlap “socially”. Either era, I think it’s one you’ll enjoy!

  3. Janella

    Thanks for the clarification.

    I have enjoyed Georgette Heyer’s Georgian period novels in the past.

  4. My writing in this genre has been compared to her work, by another author (Sue Moorcroft). I had never actually heard of Georgette Heyer until that moment, if you can believe it! I’ve lived in a non-English speaking culture for that long! But I’ve since corrected that deficit, most happily! 🙂

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