New Book Release: The Cardinal

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Hi everyone!  I’m excited to announce the release of my latest books:  The Cardinal, Parts One and Two!  The Cardinal is an epic fantasy, spanning from the pre-Viking Age of Scotland and Norway to modern-day Scotland.

The Cardinal

790 A.D.

In the far northern reaches of the Highlands of Scotland a Pictish tribe, with their language of peat and stone, ally together with a strange kingdom of mist and whispers.  As a foe descends upon them in longships from the north with axe and smoke and they are scattered in defeat, will those left behind ever find those wrenched from their arms?  Will those slaves taken by the Vikings ever find their way to freedom and home or not?  Either way life will never be the same again.


More than a thousand years later their lives, deaths and fates are brought to light by an archaeological team who uncovers the find of a lifetime… of a thousand lifetimes.  The more they discover the more perplexing it becomes; their finds challenge our very understanding of what it means to be human, and the assumption that myths are groundless and history is fact.  That we are not alone in the universe is one thing; that we are not alone on this earth is another thing entirely.

 “Legends come about when truth is considered too implausible.”—G.K. Chesterton

For further information, images and characters, please check out the page here.

If you enjoy the novels, please do leave feedback!  Both here and on Amazon would be excellent!  Every feedback is greatly appreciated, and the more the better!


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5 responses to “New Book Release: The Cardinal

  1. I ordered both books today (paper). Loretta ordered the ist on on Kindle. I forwarded this book release to my friends and told them to click the “help” link so they can read more about the research. Did you sketch the characters yourself? If so, great artistry. I am so looking forward to reading!

  2. Thank you! The character sketches are courtesy – I have the original jpgs, and put them through the program to get uniform images, and a bit more “removed” from a real person for the sake of the fictional characters. Enjoy the books, and be sure to write reviews when you’re done! 😉

  3. Congratulations! That’s fantastic!

  4. Thank you! There’s still a lot of work to do as far as marketing, but a “holiday” is on the horizon of next week before I begin the research for the next novel (the third book in the Northing Trilogy)! 🙂

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