Writing Trivia: Earthen Floors

I do a lot of research online; sometimes it leads down the oddest of trails, and those are always the fun ones to follow – the road less travelled, and all that.  I keep a storehouse of “odds and ends” information, the trivial bits and bobs that might come in handy as I create a new world for a story.

I was recently writing an article for one of my other blogs (click here to read it), and came across an interesting article on the topic of earthen flooring; such an element could be used in historical fiction, science fiction, or modern eco-escapism fiction.

What I found fascinating is the way the writer describes her first experience of walking on such a floor:  The leathery softness, the warmth, the texture, and the creative possibilities this type of flooring allows.

Such things stir my creative juices, and I have to remind myself to finish my current manuscript before moving on!  But such an element will come in very handy for my next book, which is a science fiction story… and now, because I’ve shared it with you, I’ll know where to find it when I need it!

Click on the image below to read the article, and be inspired.  Keep writing!

Earthen Flooring



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5 responses to “Writing Trivia: Earthen Floors

  1. Carol Ferenc

    I think most writers must keep a storehouse of odds and ends. You never know when the most unlikely bit of information will come in handy.

  2. Yep! How do you keep yours organized?

  3. Carol Ferenc

    Some things are on my computer and others are just clippings or notes in a desk file ~ a little messy 🙂

  4. I try to keep most things on my computer, but I have one of those cluttered files, too. Just put a sign on your office door that says something like, “Don’t mess with my mess – it’s a sign of genius!” 😉

  5. Carol Ferenc

    Maybe I’ll have to try that!

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