Stop Apostrophe Abuse

Back in the summer of 2013, I wrote this article on apostrophe abuse; after having surfed around a few blogs recently, I felt my pet peeve starting to twitch and decided to share it with you again, as many of you have joined me more recently. Enjoy!

Stephanie Huesler

Okay, grammar pet peeve time:  Apostrophe abuse.  It needs to stop.  Now.apostrophe Puppy

There are only two instances in the English language in which apostrophes are used:

1) Contractions, as in:  you are = you’re, or have not = haven’t, or I am = I’m. Just keep in mind that the apostrophe takes the place of the missing letter(s); if you take a letter out to combine (contract) two words together, place the apostrophe where the missing letter would have been written.

2) Possessives, as in:  Steve’s hat (the hat belongs to Steve), or today’s specials (specials on for today)

Apostrophe Tombstone Alway’s there for us. Who is Alway?

Never, I repeat NEVER should an apostrophe be used to indicate a plural!!  Never, EVER.  If you see it used as a plural, it’s wrong – even if it’s on a tombstone (see the image below). Apostrophe Tombstone 2

In the illustration…

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7 responses to “Stop Apostrophe Abuse

  1. Carol Ferenc

    Thanks for informing and entertaining us, Stephanie. I often notice apostrophe abuse going on. Where are the grammar and punctuation police when you need them?

  2. You’re welcome! Sometimes I can just roll my eyes, but doing that often enough just leads to headaches. 😉

  3. So cute, Stephanie. Loved reading about your pet peeve. But don’t get me started on the uncapitalised “i” after a full stop, to start a new sentence. It’s very distracting.

  4. I won’t, as I’m sure we could offend some people’s sense of self-satisfaction in their bucking of the whole capital letter law!
    Long live grammarians – the only hope for the survival of the English language in the Cyber Age! 😉

  5. You’re so funny Trinity. And I have learned to look the other way by doing this: making sure I check my own work thoroughly. Mistakes happen but I keep checking until they disappear. Again, lovely post.

  6. Apostrophe misuse makes me crazy!

  7. Mistakes can slip in on the best of us; thank goodness no one is perfect!

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