Musings A to Z Challenge: A

For those of you who stop by for a visit and a chat regularly, you know that I post once a week (barring illness and holidays).  If you read through my “about the author” page, you’ll also learn that I rarely sit around on my laurels… a rolling stone gathers no moss, and all that.  I’ve recently finished the manuscript for my 5th novel – by “finish” I mean I’ve completed the third draft, which has now gone out to Beta readers, but I still have all the bits and bobs associated with the publishing of a book to begin tackling (the cover graphics, back cover copy, blurbs, synopsis, etc.), until the feedback comes in and I begin the next round of polishing and honing.

With all that extra time on my hands (splutter in uncontrollable laughter here), I thought I’d try something a bit more challenging with my writing blog:  One post a day for a month.  The posts will be an A to Z challenge of 100 words or less on a topic beginning with the sequential letters of the alphabet; each post will include one or more quotes (not in the word count) on the topic at hand.  On weekends I may break the pattern to continue on with the other topics of late, such as “Odd Jobs” or “Lost in Translation” posts. The entries will simply be my musings on the topic, thus the title of this post.

Let me know what you think, and if you’d like to take up the challenge on your own blog, just let me know in the comments so that I can come over and cheer you on!

So, without further ado, let the games begin!

Challenge:  Write a short entry (100 words or less) on a topic beginning with the sequential letter of the alphabet.


When a goal is achieved, I need a new one or my momentum will peter out; I usually choose a new goal before the current project is completed so that I know where to go next.  When I’m working on a section of my novel’s manuscript, I jot down what I want to work on next (dialogue, scene, etc.), so that I know where to pick up the next day.  For me, achievement isn’t about the big goals or the milestones in my life as much as daily goals – without those daily goals, the life-goals will never come to be.

Achievement - Napoleon Hill Quote.jpg

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