Musings A to Z Challenge: Y

Challenge:  Write a short paragraph (100 words or less) daily on a topic beginning with the sequential letter of the alphabet.


To spin a yarn, in the meaning the quote implies, comes from the literal act of spinning a yarn; first recorded in the early 1800’s, sailors would tell tales as they worked on sedentary tasks such as spinning yarns for ropes, or strands of oakum to ram into the cracks between deck boards.  Sailors could tell tall tales, and as they were generally superstitious, those tales could grow; most firmly believed in mermaids and sirens and Davy Jones’ locker, and the old sailors would spin yarns to strike terror (or at least respect) into the hearts of the Johnny Newcomes.




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2 responses to “Musings A to Z Challenge: Y

  1. David Brin – I’ve not heard of him yet, but this quote makes me think there is still hope for me. I love the order he gives.

  2. I’d not heard of him either, until coming across that quote. He’s got his writer-priorities right.

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