Musings on the A-Z Challenge

After a month of daily posts, A to Z plus weekend excursions into “Odd Jobs”, I can say that it was worth it; I’ve enjoyed the challenge of writing to a word limit, which meant that I could really only focus on one aspect of any given topic… that’s not something my brain does by nature, as it’s usually deep into networking ideas and possibilities long before I’ve finished typing the first sentence.  Along the way I’ve enjoyed spending more time surfing around cyberspace, discovering other WordPress blogs, reading into what makes others tick.  At the same time, I’ve felt the detour of time usually spent in writing manuscripts, editing, researching, and even housework and administration bits and bobs.

Would I do it again?  Probably.  When?  After my next novel is published, and I have more time again!  The feedback from my beta readers is starting to come in, and my own read-through has begun with the fresher eye of passed time and distance, so some other things in life will slide onto the back burner once more.  Through the challenge, I’ve been reminded of why I only post 1 or 2 blogs per week:  Real life is busy!

I hope you enjoyed the challenges along with me, and the breathing room once again afforded by my resumed “schedule”!



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3 responses to “Musings on the A-Z Challenge

  1. I’m glad doing this made you happy. I often see how I enjoy limitations in my writing. Must be because I received too few as a child. 😀 And “Blog like noone is reading” is the best thing I’ve heard in a while. I do, I do! Just sometimes I feel a bit sad for all the people who are missing it. 😉 Which is probably how writers feel about their books. Wishing you a happy new book and a happy blog which is it yet.

  2. Put your URL in a comment under the latest blog, “Share your blog” – hopefully that will drive new traffic to your blog! 🙂
    And yes, I do feel that about my books; all the feedback (reviews, etc.) is great, but marketing English Indie books from a non-English-speaking country is a bit more of a challenge than it otherwise would be… I need a literary marketing agent!

  3. Oh, thanks for reminding me, I only did that on the original blog that you link to. Wishing you find a good agent!

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