On Summer Holidays

Have you ever felt that you needed a holiday from holidays?  We’ve crammed more activities into one week that we’d previously done all year!  Gondolas (cable cars), waterfalls, mountains, waterfalls inside mountains, overnight in a hotel at the top of a mountain, international guests for a few days in between (take a deep breath), scenery galore, giant outdoor museums, a glass-blowing facility & its hands-on museum, a Benedictine abbey with a cheese factory, medieval castles, restaurants, a mammoth museum, more gondolas, late nights to stay up with the telescope to see Mars, Saturn and the Moon, and to watch for the Perseid meteor showers, and a car that decided it needed to go overnight for repairs (so we travelled partly in an uncomfortable replacement car) – this also included passengers getting out and pushing the car to jump-start it while up in the mountains, and delays waiting for the touring club mechanic twice… and that’s not including the plans for the coming week (fortunately the car’s problem was easily repaired, and we’re all happy again now).  Even though we thoroughly enjoyed the time our international guest was here for a visit, and are enjoying more quality time with our exchange student, my body is tired and my mind is full; I need time to process all of the impressions and experiences.  I don’t know about you, but this introvert needs a break… as in, “Don’t talk to me for a week…”  Later on I’ll say it was worth it, but right now, all I can say, “Stop the holidays, I want to get off!”

Here’s some photographic evidence:

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6 responses to “On Summer Holidays

  1. Hihih, I know exactly how you feel, with one difference: after two weeks in the country of origin I came home today!!! No to gondolas, car trouble or meteor showers, but yes to waterfalls, concerts, chats, food and many many many many photographs. Wishing us swift recovery.

  2. Sometimes it costs more energy to “go home” because we feel like we need to catch up with everyone while we have the short opportunity. Recover well. 🙂

  3. Great shots of Switzerland in the slide show. Of course, it is a richer experience to be there. But viewing the slides sure is less hassle 😉

  4. Thanks! That’s the beauty of the digital age – we can take tons of photos and choose the best ones. 🙂

  5. I sometimes feel I need a holiday from retirement 🙂 Good post

  6. I hear you! My in-laws are retired, and just listening to their agenda makes me feel tired! 😉

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