Finding Creative Inspiration Part 1: Notebooks and Sketchpads

Here’s an excellent article on creativity, and how to stir it up! Enjoy!

Janice Duke Illustration


As a creative that often works to deadlines I am in the business of using imagination and inspiration as tools, rather than viewing them as the rare and fleeting gifts of fickle muses. I see it as entirely possible to produce inspiration and train the imagination, because I do this on a regular basis, as do all creatives. In this series of articles I intend to demystify the idea of the “creative genius” a bit by offering some concrete things you can actually do to find inspiration.

The number one tip should probably be that you want to be inspired, that you crave that fabulous idea so much that a bit of poking and prodding will convince it to scurry out of hiding and harass you like a hungry cat to make it happen. This should really be obvious, but if you try my suggestions and come up empty I’m…

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4 responses to “Finding Creative Inspiration Part 1: Notebooks and Sketchpads

  1. Thank you, what one tends to need.

  2. The enemy of creativity is fear. Yet, fear is what surrounds us most. The trick is overcoming fear. Don’t listen or read the news would be a good start.

  3. I agree. I stay out of political discussions (in a discussion with 5 people, there will always be 8 opinions on that topic…), and when I’m writing, try to avoid the newspaper and news…

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