Now on Spotify – Again!

Another shameless plug… my husband’s second album is now on Spotify (as well as iTunes)!  [It’s actually his first, but in the process of digitalisation it’s the second one now; in case you missed the first one, just click here. ]  Just click on the image below to have a listen!  Enjoy.

With this being the first album, we had toyed with the idea of recording an English version; my husband and I translated and smoothed out the text for each of the songs (not an easy task between Swiss German and English, to get the rhythms & sentence structures to match the already-recorded soundtracks!), but it was mothballed before we got started on the recordings, due to the complexities it would have entailed by recording it in Britain (with English-speaking kids).  Maybe one day; but in the meantime, he’s written enough songs to fill five more albums.  Technology has drifted from physical to digital, so I doubt another “album” is on the horizon (though oddly enough, LPs have been coming back into style since about 2010).  You never know.

Strom cover


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5 responses to “Now on Spotify – Again!

  1. Congratulations to you guys. That cover looks so fun!

  2. As you remember, I asked you shortly after that first album to PLEASE do an English version as I wanted to produce it with a group from my church here. I will be PRAYING for completion to my dream of your wonderful messages coming to the USA.

  3. As I said, with the changes in technology, there probably won’t be any further albums, as such; if we do more recordings they will be singles, and digital… sorry. :-/

  4. Thank you! (Sorry it took me so long to respond – this got stuck in my pending file for some reason, and I just saw it!)

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