On Long Walks

“In these days of increasing rapid artificial locomotion, may I be permitted to say a word in favour of a very worthy and valuable old friend of mine, Mr. Long Walk?  I am afraid that this good gentleman is in danger of getting neglected, if not forgotten.  We live in days of water trips and land trips, excursions by sea, road and rail – bicycles and tricycles, tram cars and motor cars… but in my humble opinion, good honest walking exercise for health beats all other kinds of locomotion into a cocked hat.”

T. Thatcher, “A Plea for a Long Walk”, the Publishers’ Circular, 1902

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3 responses to “On Long Walks

  1. I loved the quote, feeling quite superior because we walk over two miles a day. Then I had to laugh at the cartoon. The dog’s expression seems to be patient and wistful. I caught myself doing what John would do — looking further into the picture to see if you recognize anything. He was born in Brooklyn and raised in Queens, so he could be forgiven. After we married, we lived in Queens and on Long Island for 50 years. John worked in Manhattan, but I was rarely there. I must have loved it more than I thought I did.

  2. In the holidays, I usually end up getting around 4 miles a day, but my daily work schedule rarely lets me get 2 in! I have make time to get out and go on a walk if I want to reach that goal; having a fitbit really helps!
    I’ve never been to NYC; we tend to go on holidays to places with a lot of nature and few people. 😉

  3. We live in the country now, making up for lost time.

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