History Undusted: The Origins of Basketball’s Jump Shot

Everyone who’s seen basketball has seen a jump shot; but at some point in the past, someone came up with the idea of becoming airborne over the basketball court when no one else had ever done it before. And that someone was Kenny Sailors. An unassuming elderly man now, if you passed him on the street, you’d never know that his way of thinking changed a sport forever. Click on the image below to hear his story.

Kenny Sailors


Originally posted on History Undusted, 20 February 2014


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6 responses to “History Undusted: The Origins of Basketball’s Jump Shot

  1. What a story! His tribute to Christ was so very touching. The last few decades I’ve witnessed a contest between sports and God. This is the first time I’ve seen God win. I’m thrilled that Kenny Sailors finally made the hall of fame.

  2. Who’d thunk (or is that dunk?) that someone had to come up with the idea of a jump shot? It seems so much a part of the game, now.

  3. God wins quite often in that contest; it’s just that the usual media sources don’t cover those kinds of stories! They want the bad boys & the scandals – that’s the world’s standards, for ya… but I prefer the good news!! 🙂

  4. I’m glad you prefer good news and are willing to pass it on.

  5. Any chance I get. 😉

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