The Long and Short

It’s been nearly 3 weeks since I last posted, for which I apologize. Sometimes life just takes over, and my mind gets going in several different directions; when that happens, it’s hard to focus on writing a blog that’s worth its content, and I don’t want to post just to post. It needs a purpose.

In my post about cutting my nails, I told you that I’m getting down to serious writing. It’s been an interesting process, as I’m actually writing two manuscripts at the moment – one from the perspective of the heroine, and the other, the villain. But as any villain will tell you, they are the hero of their own story; I started writing from the second POV to develop the character and decipher the plot ins and outs through that back door, so to speak – if I don’t have a clear grasp on the villain and their motives, this particular plotline won’t work.

But in the meantime, life has intruded (so rude of it) several times; I’m involved in leadership teams in our church, so that’s taken quite a bit of time in this phase of our growth; my husband and I also went away to the Alps for a long weekend this past week, and while it was enjoyable, I didn’t sleep much – and I didn’t have my laptop with me to work when I couldn’t sleep. [Sleep is a whole other kettle of fish; I’ll just say that I don’t sleep horizontally, as it’s too painful.] So, to pass the time, I watched stars or wrote short stories.

I started writing short stories several years ago – just as a hobby, really; but this year, I decided to take it to the next level – competitions, and looking into anthologies. My mother has been sending me helpful links in the latter category, and in the former, I have a whole list of month-by-month due dates that I could target. If I miss the deadline for a particular competition, I can still write a short using their criteria, for practice as well as having something ready the next time.

Part of my writing “time” has been spent trying to figure out a way around the monopoly that is Amazon. Basically, that’s been nothing but frustration. I used to be able to order paperback books through CreateSpace, at author’s cost, and have them shipped to Switzerland. They no longer ship here, because apparently, we’re now behind Timbuktu. Authors in other countries can buy author copies; basically, anywhere except Switzerland, Liechtenstein, and “some regions in Germany”. That’s a quote from a reply to my enquiry. How does one region of Germany differ from any other, I ask (rhetorically)? There is no longer a Berlin Wall – or does Amazon not realize this yet? If I could shoot Amazon to the moon, I would do it in a heartbeat. Any suggestions? I wonder if they sell rocket fuel?

Rocket in the Moon's Eye


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7 responses to “The Long and Short

  1. Jeff Bezos once bragged that an author’s royalty is his margin. Amazon does not care that we’ve seen our incomes plummet. Avoid them? That’s difficult. I just make sure my book formats are available in ALL outlets. If asked, I send people to my publisher’s store site.

  2. I send people to Smashwords, but unfortunately they don’t yet offer print-on-demand for paperbacks. I need to find another supplier for that, in particular. Any suggestions?

  3. Jeff Bezos’ comment doesn’t surprise me in the least; I hope a competitor rises up that knows how to gain loyalty by treating customers and partners well. If that ever happens, Amazon can eat my dust, along with every other author’s!

  4. You’ve had your share of frustrations! I hope things get a bit smoother for you.

  5. Look into creating an account with Ingram. If you can do that, you can better control your availability of printed books. Research them, anyway. They are THE American distribution source for bookstores. Also, Baker and Taylor is the place libraries get their books, also a huge distributor. I’m not sure how it might work with you being in Switzerland, but it might be worth looking into.

    And yeah, the people at Smashwords are great.

  6. Thanks, Jim! I’ll definitely look into Ingram! For any future releases, I need an outlet for formatting and print-on-demand publication of paperbacks. Outlets for e-books are available (Smashwords being my favourite, obviously), but paperbacks seem to be a bit trickier…

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