Calligram # 1: Ticino

For those of you unfamiliar with calligrams, they are images created out of spatially-arranged text, usually related to the image they create.

I began doing calligrams several years ago, and enjoy the “bite-sized” research involved in gathering facts, history and general information about a subject. The first one I made was probably a Viking ship or the wassail tree; the latter, I accidentally found being used as the back cover design of an art magazine online out of Romania; I asked them to attach my web address and credit the image to me, and they did so, but it taught me a valuable lesson: embed my name into the calligram!

Below is one that I did recently while on holiday in Lugano. You’ll hear more about that soon, but in the meantime, enjoy this calligram!  Just click on it to enlarge it. The image itself is based on a vintage postcard collage.

If anyone would like to use this in any way, please contact me through the comments below; whenever using any image, please give credit – whenever possible – where credit is due!

Ticino Brighter


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6 responses to “Calligram # 1: Ticino

  1. Calligram is a new word for me. Apparently they’ve been around a long time.

  2. This is the first I’ve heard about calligrams. I love yours. It must take a lot of patience and a fair bit of talent.

  3. Yep! Ancient Persia started the art form, I think.

  4. Glad to introduce you! For me, it mainly takes an eye for finding a compact scenario, and a bit of research (as well as condensing that down to fit on a line).

  5. You have a talent for calligrams. I doubt many others do.

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