Wordless Wednesday #65: Cats & Commas

Cat & Grammar



August 14, 2019 · 6:32 PM

9 responses to “Wordless Wednesday #65: Cats & Commas

  1. Amir

    What is wordless wednesday i see on other people’s posts? Hiiii 🙂

    • It just means a post on Wednesdays without comment; sometimes just photos, other times, memes like this one…

      • Amir

        Like does it some tradition or just some blogger started it and everyone else is following?

      • It’s probably a common blog theme because it’s an alliteration (the repetition of consonant sounds at the beginning of two or more words) – like Manic Monday, Fun Friday, Thesaurus Thursday… 🙂

      • Amir

        Awesome! 🙂 I learned something new today. Every week of a day can be a fun day with a theme. Quite an interesting way to look at our seemingly dull weeks. Thank you 🌹

      • You’re welcome! And welcome to all of my blogs (though this is the most active)! 🙂

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