History Undusted: A World War II Love Story

Once in a while I come across amazing stories; this one is truly one of dedication, perseverance, love, and gratitude.

Peggy and Billie Harris were married just 6 weeks before he was sent off to war as a fighter pilot over Nazi-occupied France in the Second World War.  Six decades later, Peggy finally found out what happened to him, no thanks to her own government.  Deep gratitude to, and a friendship with, a small French village is just one result of her amazing patience and quest for the truth.  Click on the picture to hear about this amazing story. (9½ minutes long, 3-part story)


Peggy and Billie D. Harris, 1944

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5 responses to “History Undusted: A World War II Love Story

  1. Wow. My shirt is wet. Thanks for this. Humans can be very special. Good for us.

  2. Love is always grand… a reflection of the divine in us mortals, aye?

  3. Aye. Sometimes we find grace or it finds us.

  4. Billie was admirable.  Peggy and the people of Les Ventes are admirable.  Thornberry is the kind of lazy boob who discourages good people from participating in politics.

  5. Democracy functions, theoretically, on politicians who put people first – who also happen to vote for them. The problems begin when the best choices become the lesser of two evils…

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