History Undusted: Celebrating Amalie Noether

The celebration of this relatively unknown figure highlights her brilliance in the face of staunch sexism.  As a woman, I still feel sexism today, though it’s far more subtle – the glass ceilings still need to be broken through, and the duplicity of definition needs to be redressed (name any male characteristic, and often the negative reverse is applied to women, whether stated or subconscious; e.g. a man may be assertive, but if a woman shows the same spirit, she’s often labelled as aggressive). Though they paved the way for a better path for many women, Amalie and her female contemporaries faced brick ceilings and walls.

Born in 1882 in Erlangen, Germany, Amalie was born into a family of brilliant mathematicians, yet had to beg to be allowed to study at University; when she aced her audited courses, they only reluctantly acknowledged her achievements. She was an unpaid, unsung heroine for years, yet Einstein himself referred to her as “the most significant creative mathematical genius thus far produced.”  To read more about her story, and details of her scientific breakthroughs, please click on the image below.


Amalie Noether, Mathmatician

Amalie Noether  (Wikimedia Commons)






Originally posted on History Undusted, 23 March 2015, by Stephanie Huesler


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8 responses to “History Undusted: Celebrating Amalie Noether

  1. The glass ceilings are prominent in some parts of the world than other. The sex war will probably never fully end, but we can bridge the gap as much as possible.
    Remembering Fraulein Noether.

  2. I agree! There are still too many places on this globe that deny and reject the talents of the majority of their polpulations – the women. Every woman who succeeds despite that is a brick in the bridge across that gap.

  3. Very nicely put. What pains me is that sometimes women themselves hinder their own progress by displaying patriarchal mindset, instilled in them by their conservative families. That then becomes a sad state of affairs. Radical change should be brought by women and also especially men, who need to realise the truth of gender equality and stand up for it. Hope the bridge gets build soon 🙂

  4. Sexism is very much in the foreground in the US these days. My plan for the upcoming midterm elections is to vote exclusively for women. i am SO tired of chest-beating and macho pissing contests. I find it insulting.

  5. I agree – but it’s possible! Women who display that mindset simply have to (whether it’s intentional or not), as a survival strategy… There are more and more men who are standing in that gap, helping build that bridge.

  6. That made me laugh, despite the fact that I agree wholeheartedly!

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