Lost in Translation: Fart

Keeping on with the disgusting theme of my last post, I thought I’d share a whiff of Polish with you:  In Poland, where this candy bar is marketed, the name translates to something like Lucky Streak and the word orzechowy means nutty.  It does not help to think of it as a nutty lucky streak with the name association in English, especially with an elephant as the logo…

In Polish, where this candy bar is made, the name translates to -lucky bar


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5 responses to “Lost in Translation: Fart

  1. Our English visitors can’t stop laughing when they see this!

  2. Yes, that German even makes us laugh! We had an Australian friend who insisted on stopping at every sign to take a photo…

  3. Carol Ferenc

    Ha!! Just when I thought I’d seen it all . . .

  4. Oh, there’s more where those came from! Coming soon…! 😉

  5. Carol Ferenc

    I’ll wait patiently!

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